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Why this page ?

You have entered the photo page of Lars Brunner.
Find here everything I found worth sharing with you
and do not hesitate to leave a comment or drop me a word.
But above all, I hope you enjoy!
  • Brésil

    231 photos in 2 sub-albums

  • Californie

    319 photos in 8 sub-albums

  • Guadeloupe

    89 photos

  • Guyane

    436 photos in 19 sub-albums

  • Toscana

    209 photos in 8 sub-albums

  • Leiden

    74 photos in 5 sub-albums

  • Jena

    16 photos

  • Dresden

    29 photos

  • Toulouse

    35 photos in 2 sub-albums

  • Streetart

    28 photos

  • Studio

    9 photos

  • Berlin

    150 photos in 11 sub-albums

  • Origins

    16 photos

    Pictures that have been taken during a one week trip to Geneva; refreshing our childhood memories.

  • Bruxelles

    17 photos

  • Lisbon

    64 photos

    These are my impressions of one week in August 2012 in Lisbon with my fellow Y.

  • Museum

    31 photos in 4 sub-albums

    This album is designed as a virtual museum. I will post pictures here I have taken inside museums as well as sculptures seen outside from atwork I appreciate for its strengh of expression.

  • Paris

    152 photos in 7 sub-albums

    I recently moved to Paris. These are things I have seen there.

  • Nepal

    100 photos in 2 sub-albums

    I had the chance to accompany the great T. on a trip to Nepal. We spent one week trekking around Pokhara. Then another week visiting temples close to Kathmandu.